August 8th to 17th, 2014
in Potsdam (Germany)

4in1 Liberation Gathering

TBK + Jukss + IATLG (f.k.a. IARG)* + FNBG: Learn from Each Other, Grow Together.

TBK, Jukss, IATLG, FNB (Logos)

Attention: Regarding visa please contact us instantly!

Participants who need a visa for traveling to the 4in1 Liberation Gathering please contact the Gathering‘s Organizational Team immediately.

Important Notes!

Attention! Temporary program:

Live streams on Ustream!

Dear participants! Following is some important information concerning the gathering!

IMPORTANT! From the 8th until the 11th of August we won't be at freiLand! On the 8th from 4 p.m. and on the 9th we‘ll be at Madia, while on the 10th and 11th we'll be at Projekthaus Babelsberg. To be able to plan and prepare adequately, we need to know how many people are coming/arriving on those days, and therefore we need your registration. Clicking "attending" on facebook is not enough. Please register yourself via the application form at We have to know how many people are coming when and who has what kind of needs. Please register even if you are not sleeping here, but only visiting for specific workshops/days.
In any case you can call this number: +49 331 28129465

Here's the timetable:

08.08. - Welcoming, getting to know each other.
09.08. - We are organising ourselves! As this is a participatory gathering we'll take the time on Saturday to organise our time together. Who wants to contribute workshops? How do we communicate with each other? Who's handling which task? (Cooking, going for a walk with the dogs, spending time with children so the parents can participate at a workshop, etc.) + Activist-Speeddating (It's not about actual dates, but about networking and starting projects together.)
10.08. und 11.08. - Local/regional networking + networking as required
12.08. bis 17.08. - Main phase with workshops (general/supra regional, structured according to subject) + supra regional networking at freiLand
15.08 und 16.08.: concerts at freiLand

Program and info on the workshops will follow as soon as possible!

On the topic of DOGS

Unfortunately only a very limited amount of dogs can be brought to the gathering. At freiLand only 20 dogs tops can be there at one moment, and also the days before the capacities are very limited. Please try to leave your dogs with friends or family. If you have no alternative at all, please register the dogs, so we have an overview and can find solutions in time. Please bring only dogs that are sociable well behaved and no dogs who are in heat.


Sleeping places are limited prior to the 12th of August, and roofed sleeping places are limited at freiLand. Therefore we ask for you again to register, and also that as many people as possible sleep in tents or trailers, or at least to bring camping mats and sleeping bags.
Please tell us about your needs so we can arrange for external sleeping places, e.g. for families.


The sense behind a participatory gathering is that the participants become co-organisers during the gathering. I.e. that there is not going to be a perfectly finished event when you're coming, but that the event is coming to life through your commitment!
In practice that means:
- You can contribute more workshops.
- There is no self-contained cooking crew, that's cooking for you, but the participants cook alternating. (There are experienced cooking crews on side, but the that task is not supposed to be carried out by just a few.) Also we are looking for volunteers for buying resp. getting the food. People who are coming for specific workshops and live in Potsdam/Berlin and the surrounding areas, could bring cakes, bread spreads and similar stuff. (All vegan of course.)
- We are caring for each other and help each other so that everybody can enjoy the gathering. That manifests itself in that way, that some can go for walks with the dogs or play with them, or entertain the children so that everybody can enjoy the gathering, whether they are dogs or humans, children or parents.
For the following tasks we are looking for help on side:
- Translation German -> English, English -> German, also into sign language and French if possible.
- Transcription for the reader, but also live transcription for people watching the live stream.
- Technical support for streaming the workshops and if possible suitable cameras.

If you want to help us, write us! You can come to CvO or freiLand Potsdam from now on. In that case please call the number above so we are prepared.

Thanks for your attention! :)

TBK Meets Jukss, IARG Becomes* IATLG and Meets FNBG: Exchange across Movement Boundaries and Continent Borders

4+2: Four Gatherings, One Protest, One Caravan StartLogos of TBK, Jukss, IATLG and FNBG

While in 2013 the Tier-/Totalbefreiungskongress (Animal/Total Liberation Congress, short TBK) was already supported by the Jugendumweltkongress (Environmental Youth Congress, alias Jukss), this year both events have been planned as a joint gathering from the outset—initiated by mostly young participants of the Tier-/Totalbefreiungskongress (Animal/Total Liberation Congress, TBK) 2013 and borne by environmental and animal/total liberation activists from diverse parts of the German language area. At the same time activists from different continents, from North and South, East and West came together to organize, though in tradition of the International Animal Rights Gathering (IARG), a less European- respectively North-West-dominated gathering, that clearly focuses on abolitionist animal/total liberation and cooperation with other emancipatory movements instead of single-issue animal rights romanticism: the Intercontinental Animal/Total Liberation Gathering (IATLG). This in turn is supported and thematically enriched by Food Not Bombs activists, so the IATLG is also a Food Not Bombs Gathering (FNBG). From among these activists from different continents also emerged the initiative for a permanent, equally creative-artistic as actionist, vegan anti-capitalist caravan which will first wander from Potsdam across different parts of Europe and thereby visit sundry local events, projects and campaigns and then will continue on beyond Europe with a stop at the first extra-European IATLG which is planned in Turkey and/or Tunisia for 2015.

TBK: Tier-/Totalbefreiungskongress
From Single Issue to Total Liberation

In the tradition of the Tierbefreiungskongresse (Animal Liberation Congresses), on the way to cross-movement Total Liberation: In this sense the TBK perceives itself since 2013. We want to increasingly illuminate social animal liberation in the context of other emancipatory movements. The congress should help both deepen and develop cooperation within abolitionist animal rights and animal liberation movements as well as build bridges with (potential) partner movements and to learn from each other.

Jukss: Jugendumweltkongress—
20 Years of Collaborative Gatherings

20 years of Jugendumweltkongresse (Youth Environmental Congresses, alias Jukss)—those are 20 years of creative spontaneity and diversity. They've always been vegan, always all-embracingly emancipatory, with countless grassroots workshops about all kinds of facets and projects of ecologic social change, about eco-anarchism, anti-racism and refugee relief, about consistent antimilitarism, anti-sexism, free learning, etc.—far from buzzword trends captured for market(ing) purposes like “sustainability” or “gender mainstreaming”. Jukss, that's always also the practical test of emancipatory social utopias in the microcosm of a congress, especially in the form of a widespread participatory/collaborative approach. We will seize on that: Already during the preparation of the gathering—especially the construction week right before the gathering—as well as in its direct execution, all participants are invited to apply themselves actively and imaginatively.

IATLG: Intercontinental Animal/Total Liberation Gathering—
IARG Becomes* Liberating

The experiences with last year‘s International Animal Rights Gathering (IARG) in Belgium, which split up because of the host's involvement with far-right animal protection advocates and the exclusion of French anti-fascists (see, caused activists from different continents to call the overall European-/North-West-dominated, single-Issue animal rights-orbiting IARG tadition into question and to improve on it. The result of this is the Intercontinental Animal/Total Liberation Gathering (IATLG) whose name already emphasizes that it's no longer about predominantly intra-Western “meetings between national movements” but about a kind of cooperation and coordinated action which transcends continent borders as much as movement boundaries for the purpose of fundamentally society-altering animal respectively total liberation. Here, the North-South/East-West cooperation is essential not only because of the global interconnections in (animal) exploitation. There is a lot to learn from and with each other. Globally networked domination and exploitation can only be effectively resisted in a likewise globally networked manner. Resistance is versicolored. :-)

*In consequence of the incidents at 2013‘s IARG, besides (and cooperating with) the IATLG (2014 in Potsdam, 2015 presumably in Istanbul and/or Tunis) there‘s also EARG (Eurasian Animal Rights Gathering) from 25th to 27th of July in Tbilisi (Georgia ) and there was a (canceled) initiative for an IALG (International Animal Liberation Gathering) in Nottingham (UK). IARG, however, no longer exists.

FNBG: Food Not Bombs Gathering—
Solidary Antimilitarism Instead of Nations Competition

The transcontinentally active (Caravana and) IATLG initiators‘ close ties with antimilitarist circles led to the emergence of the idea from within the globally networked Food Not Bombs movement to enrich the whole event thematically with a FNB Gathering (and in the sense of a Food Not Bombs Bike Caravan) and to support it organizationally.

Non-discriminatory Inclusion

Whether younger or older, communicating in sign language or with a braille display, with child, dog, wheelchair or special dietary requirements, no one should feel like a second or third-class participant. We want to, as far as possible, cater for special requirements and ensure the provision of required support. So that participation is possible irrespective of income, participation, accommodation and catering is free and is financed through donations (see below).

The Start of Something Big

The 4in1 Gathering itself, like its individual events, should have an initiative character, namely lay the foundations and offer a connecting factor for continual and long-term activities of existing or developing cooperations, networks and campaigns.

Caravana Artivista: The Caravan Starts …

Initiated by activists from several continents and in cooperation with Food Not Bombs, a vegan-total liberationist, equally creative-artistic as emancipatory-sociopolitical Caravana Artivista is going to start in Potsdam and Berlin this summer, traveling across Europe and beyond with Istanbul as probably the first non-EU destination. It will stop wherever there are relevant active groups, events, protests, squats and similar happenings. This 4in1 Liberation Gathering is the first stop at this journey.

Further information about the Caravana Artivista will be available on a specifically dedicated website soon.

Thematic Diversity

A Colourful Kaleidoscope?

When interested newbies and experienced old hands from the eco, animal rights and animal liberation as well as the antimilitarist Food Not Bombs movement mingle with activists from other emancipatory movements who exercise social critique and are anti-domination—is it going to be a varied collection of different workshops and activities? That depends on you, the participants! However, to prevent the congress from wandering off in random directions, and to ensure that it lives up to its premise in terms of content as well, there are thematic focus areas with prepared workshops.

Thematic/Movement (Emphasis) Days

Due to the plenty of topics and participating movements, this year‘s Gathering is structured through so-called thematic and movement (emphasis) days. Thus all participants get more of an overview, and people who can only take part for a few days can get informed about the content beforehand.

In addition, the gathering is roughly divided into the self-organizing phase until Aug. 9, local/regional networking focus days on Aug. 10 and 11 plus the thematically structured section dedicated to general and transregional matters from Aug. 12 to 17 at freiLand.

Growing List of Themes and Workshops

Characteristically for a genuine participatory gathering, the program is fixed only at the end—in hindsight. Before, the list of themes and workshops will grow constantly, also and particularly by your collaboration. The temporary program can be found here:

Networking Blocks

To make sure that everyone doesn’t just go home after the conference without exploiting the possibilities and impulses that will arise from it for common projects, cooperation and campaigns, there are planned windows of time each day for a variety of thematic or regional network initiatives and meetings. This is vital for the long-term development of the ecological, animal liberation and Food Not Bombs movement as well as liberation alliances as a whole.

Sociocultural Stuff

Whoever wants to network and cooperate trustingly, has to get to know each other. And several days of tightly packed workshops without any cultural framework would be just plain boring. ;-) From activist speed dating through politico-historical city tours to evening concerts—loads of variety, and the more everyone gets involved, the more fun it’ll be!


Ideas and Drive are in Demand!

A collaborative congress comes alive from the vigor and and the commitment of those participating. There is plenty to do and different types of support and involvement are important and welcome—both with the preparations that are in full swing, as with the construction week before the gathering and setting up the 4in1 Liberation Gathering on site.


But first of all the gathering has to be well-known and promoted. Inform your friends and acquaintances, give notice at relevant events, over mailing lists, in newsletters and distribute the flyer: 4in1_liberation_gathering.pdf!


There are different areas and tasks for which helping hands and minds are much-needed. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, every little bit helps and it all adds up. If you want to support the gathering‘s organizational team, write to us at If possible, please use the PGP key.

Final Spurt at the Construction Week

The week prior to the congress—the construction weekserves as the final preparations on site at freiLand Potsdam i. a., including necessary setting up and arrangement tasks. But there’s plenty to do even for those less technically skilled. If you can, please come during this preparation time and if possible, give us notice using the forms below so we can plan ahead.

Putting some Life into the Gathering

At the gathering itself different tasks have to be fulfilled as well, e.g. catering/Vokü/doing the dishes, logistics, documentation of the workshops, protection concept or support for people with special needs, adolescents, elderly people, dogs etc. The earlier you inform us about what you want to help with and/or where you want to put your creative energy into, the better.

It Doesn’t Work Without Money Yet

Luckily we can use the event location(s) for free. However, there are still expenses that can be covered only partially by grants. To enable the participation for everybody free from financial constraints we rely on generous donations. Of course you can donate anonymously on site. But to make it financially more secure, we are asking you to donate in advance. This can be easily done via this platform free of charge: Betterplace (click here). And if you know other sources for funding, contact us via! (PGP key)


Please Notify Us!

Even though a collaborative congress comes alive from spontaneity, to calculate, plan and prepare according to needs, it’s important to know in advance as accurately as possible how many potential participants have which needs and what support we can count on. Therefore we ask you to send us following details as early as possible:

(Almost) Anonymous Microcensus:

Please understand that we can offer reasonable conditions on site only for a limited number of dogs. If you can leave your four-legged friends for a few days in good company with friends or family, please do so.